It turns out, I’m fickle. I love most of my finished items, and as I get better at putting together yarn and pattern for a project I’m loving them even more, but if the project isn’t working for me, I have no compunction about sending it to the frog pond. [the what pond?]

I’ve frogged a few things over the last year or so. My friend Evin is still traumatised by a cotton top that I frogged completely just after we met. I’ve also frogged a jumper after finishing the back and half the front, no regrets. My most recent frog was the In Dreams shawl. It’s a knit along mystery shawl from the Lord of the Rings The Two Towers collection, and essentially the little sister shawl of my much loved Evenstar. The yarn I was using was a lovely silver-white silk merino laceweight. Perfect wedding shawl stuff. Had amazing project written all over it.

I started the a-long part late, and just never caught up. I followed the spoiler threads on ravelry and watched the clues take shape ahead of me. I love seeing the colour, yarn, bead and modifications that people choose. I can’t fault the yarn, the design, the instructions, the knitting or the inspiring photos, but all in all, my reaction to the finished design was … meh. I could take or leave (leaf!!!!) it, and by the time I got to clue 5 of 7, it was getting complex enough that you had to really want to finish the darned thing to continue (hmm, is there an analogy between lace knitting and finishing a PhD?). And I just didn’t. It sat in the knitting pile beside the sofa for a few months. Visitors came and went, admiring the lace so far, and I swore I would get back to it.

And then one day…

In Dreams, off the needles

… which soon became this…

And then it was gone

… and it felt good! Like that project that sits on your to do list that you just decide one day isn’t important? That party you’re dreading that gets cancelled? Yeah, good like that. Yarn doesn’t have a motivation or a destiny, but sometimes it really does feel like it has it’s own ideas of what it wants to be.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet. It’s a great colour and good yardage, so whatever it chooses to be will be spectacular, but not this.

hop back to post To frog is to rip back a project and reclaim the yarn for something else. Rip-it, rip-it!