The tour de fleece ended last Sunday. The idea of the tour (as the name suggests) is to spin every day the Tour de France rides, so from the 2nd to 24th July, with two days off.

This is the first time I’ve done the tour, and I’ve only had my wheel a few months so I wasn’t sure how much I might get done. Before the tour I bought a 1kg bag of shetland fibre dyed red, hopefully enough to spin a sweaters worth eventually. It was great to be able to make large quantities of the same yarn for a big project, but taking photos of the same red every day did get somewhat monotonous after a while.

Considering the timing (right before a conference and overlapping with a visit from the parents) and my general inability to stick to things, it went well. I only missed two days of the whole tour, and made up one on one of the rest days. One when I was away from home, and the last day as I was flying out to the conference that morning, so I had good excuses.

The end result was 11 skeins of worsted weight yarn. One mini skein, good for swatching, one dud skein where a single broke three times during plying (good for a hat, perhaps), but the test ready to wash and finish and knit into a sweater in november. I think I’ll put the red aside for a bit now and spin a different colour for my own sanity.